CHARLES ELADIO BERONIO  Art  Words  Images  Objects

My work displaces the objects, symbols, signs, texts, and language of our consumer economy and information saturated environment. Subjects include everyday objects found in commercial/corporate spaces and institutional/bureaucratic sites. My work inverts and negates the beliefs, meanings, and functions embodied in the subjects it utilizes.

My practice examines and critiques the relationship between politics, commerce, and media. It dislocates and redirects familiar materials from their typical functions in order to illuminate and reveal submerged meanings and narratives. It subverts the ideological codes and forces at play in the spaces and places we inhabit and reside in.

The work I make contends with the surface detail and codes of power, authority, speculative capital, accumulative wealth, and luxury associated with mass culture. Through the observation of material and visual phenomena I respond to the increasingly abstract nature of the culture of capital and spectacle. Utilizing allegorical and conceptual strategies, I create objects, images, and writings as a means to engage with the historical and contemporary events and phenomena of the world we live in.